April-Joy Serrant

I arrived in the UK from Ireland 17 years ago. I began working with women trapped in a lifestyle of prostitution, and very quickly developed a love for helping people find a way out, develop themselves and create a better tomorrow. I then went on to spend 8 years working in a women's prison, helping young women to change the course of life they were on, to rethink how they lived and to begin to create new habits and ways of living that ultimately led them to lead different lives.

I spent 5 years running a business in the health industry, leading a large sales and recruiting team and travelling around the world with business.

I have always had a passion for helping people to become the best version of themselves. While much of that passion was developed in prison cells and city centres, I now spend most of my time in board rooms and conference suites. Training the staff of various companies how to be the best they can be. 

When I am not training you will usually find me on the football side line with my husband, cheering on one of my 3 gorgeous boys as they live, breathe and sleep football!


Jim Rhon, one of my favourite personal development trainers said " How tall does a tree grow? - Answer - As tall as it possibly can".

That in essence is my dream for AJS TRAINING SOLUTION. That we would help individuals to grow as tall as they possibly can - not compared to the next person, but with the life they have been given, that they would have the tools they need to equip themselves to be the best version of them self, and to present that version to their work places, their homes, their businesses, their marriages, their schools and their world.