These programs exist to give individuals the tools the navigate life better and to be the best version of themselves. With over a decade and a half of experience in working with, training and coaching individuals, April-Joy has pulled from her many experiences to create material that is relevant, thought provoking and life changing.

8 years working in the prison service with young offenders, 4 years working with children from under privileged homes and 5 years building business across the UK as well as globally means the material being taught covers a wide spectrum, being passionately delivered to your students and if you so choose your staff also.

A full day rate includes whole school assemblies as well as any staff training you may want to include.

If you choose to contract us in over 3 or more days to allow the workshops to be delivered across more classes the full day rate is discounted.

Staff Trainings:

Wellbeing in the workplace:

Bringing value, provoking change, and leading to a transformed life, these work place trainings’ will see phenomenal growth across staff, as well as a positive impact on business with astounding results. These trainings - Full day or Half day sessions are tailor made to each individual company. They are designed to impact staff, to combat procrastination, to motivate and inspire, leading to a healthy work place atmosphere, self-motivated staff and a winning attitude. Prepare to be amazed as we interact, train and instil new ways of thinking and positive belief systems that will not only transform the workplace environment and results, but lives from the inside out. 

We can combine the different workshops together, deliver a specific subject or tailor make a package to suit your staffing needs.

Classroom Workshops 

Habits & The Lens by Which We View the World.

Through some fun & interactive props we show the students how we all view the world slightly different – some to our own benefit and some to our detriment. We teach the students a healthy and positive outlook on life, while showing them how their habits and behaviours create their future. We learn how to become resilient and persistent, and we look at some people that have built lives of resilience amidst very trying situations. We also look at how placing value on yourself leads to different choices and with interactive fun and inspiring stories we teach the students how valuable each individual child is.


In this session we look at how we each need boundaries in place to protect ourselves and protect those around us. We look at the consequences of living a life that has no boundaries and the positive and healthy relationships that can be enjoyed when we know who we are, where we begin and end, and where others have a place in our lives.


In this interactive session we look at how we are made up and how even the bits we don’t see matter. We talk about metacognition, having a clear understanding of one’s own thoughts. If we hurt our thumb usually our body shows us by a cut, or bruise or a throbbing. However sometimes we hurt where no one can see, in our heart, in our head, butterflies in our tummies or worry in our minds. Through understanding ourselves we can then learn to self-regulate and begin to take charge of our own emotions.

Through using pictures of the human body, we identify different areas that make us up as a human being & the importance of every area working in harmony with the next.