Most businesses admit to on occasion, struggling to motivate staff. This training deals with learning to motivate yourself, your staff, maximising results, time management, discipline and sustained results.

Misty Forest Reflection


Our most popular training covering stress, purpose, mind health, physical health and happiness.



A dynamic training for those in leadership positions. We cover what leadership is, the 5 levels of leadership, attitudes of a great leader, qualities of a great leader, and developing the leader in you.

With AJS Training Solution you don't need to look any further for your company's training and personal development plans. We deliver bespoke in house training for your staff, we provide away days for your teams to build rapport, team connection and team spirit, we run regular trainings for you to send staff on and specilize on 1:1 mentoring with your leading staff members. 

These training's will see phenomenal growth across staff, as well as a positive impact on business with astounding results. 

They are designed to impact staff, to combat procrastination, to motivate and inspire, leading to a healthy work place atmosphere, self motivated staff and a winning attitude. Prepare to be amazed as AJS Training Solution interact, train and instil new ways of thinking and positive belief systems that will not only transform the workplace environment and results but each individual's life from the inside out. 

To book a training day with your staff or to find out more information on pricing and availability please contact us below.